Bridal Shower Champagne Labels


      Bridal shower is a special event when best friends and family members of a soon-to-be bride gather to celebrate and share the joy. There are many ways to make this event memorable for everyone present there. In view of this, iCustomlabel provides you with templates of bridal shower champagne labels that are ready to be customized with your unique texts, photos, and artwork. These elegant labels are perfect for DIY champagne bottles, wedding favors & unique custom champagne gifts. Our unique champagne labels feature permanent adhesive that are comfortably wrapped around your favorite champagne bottles.

      How to design bridal shower champagne labels?

      You can easily design and create attention-grabbing bridal shower champagne labels by capturing those fleeting moments. Whether you want to design them as a gift or a main attraction of the wedding event, you need to first choose an appropriate theme for the occasion. It’s only then you can come up with your personalized or special message that you want to display it on these labels. This message essentially depicts your true feelings either for your spouse, your family members, or your friends. As we have created a large collection of champagne labels for bridal shower party themes, so you can browse here. If you find a design you like simply click on it and you have the option to customize it with you text, photos and colors. You can also design them on a blank canvas. Within a short time, you will get labels having perfect shape, amazing typography, attractive images.