Bridal Shower Invitations


      How prepared are you for your special bridal shower event? It is indeed a solemn occasion for a bride-to-be to celebrate with her loved ones. So it’s an opportune time to begin planning your perfect shower with modern and unique custom bridal shower invitations created exclusively by the designers of iCustomlabel. Whether you want to throw a closely-knit family union or a casual get-together with your friends, you’ll find what you are looking for among our selection of bridal shower invitations. We have an excellent collection of favors, labels and invitations that can transform your celebrations up a few notches.

      How to create your own bridal shower invitations

      Step 1: Determine your guest list – It is important to write down the names of all the possible guests that need to be invited. Many a times, people forget even eminent names at the last minute hassle.

      Step 2: Know the color combination – The next thing to know is the colors that the bride is using, especially when she’s not the one to throw the shower. There should be a proper use of colors on the shower invites.

      Step 3: Select a design – Bride is the central element of a bridal shower and the party revolves around her. So make sure to select an invitation card that represents her. There could be different themes to choose from cool templates like iCustomlabel dashboard.

      Step 4: Put minute details – Detailing is the hallmark of creativity and everyone appreciates the attention to details at whatever design you come up with. So it makes sense to have friends and family around to make sure you haven’t left out anything that is important. Finally, be creative with your wording as well.