Drink Coasters


      Coasters are both a must-have accessory for your home and car and a great gift idea. iCustomLabel.com offers a wide range of coasters with advanced personalization options. Choose your coaster from our wide range of styles and designs and we will send it to your doorsteps fully personalized.

      iCustomLabel offers customizable wood, vinyl, and marble coasters to individuals, businesses, and food outlets. You can get any text or image printed on your coaster. 

      Wood and Marble Coasters

      Wood and marble coasters are a premium gifting option. 

      Turn your tea, coffee, and drink dates interesting with our custom coasters. Just place customized wood coaster or marble coaster under your drink and make your friends, family members, and visitors feel valued.

      The delicateness of these materials and our super fine printing techniques bring a beautiful smile on your and your love ones’ face. 

      Car Coasters

      We also have car coasters to help you keep your car free from stains and dirt. iCustomLabel can customize car coasters, too, as per your personality and preferences.

      Looking for a cool gift idea for a friend? Personalized car coasters can be a promising gift idea. 

      Custom coasters from iCustomLabel enable you add a personal touch to your table, home’s interior design, and car interior. 

      Easy to Clean –

      Our marble and wood coasters come with a protective coating that is engineered to enhance the shine of the coaster and make cleaning easier. Spills remain the coating – not on the material.

      Non-Slip Bottom -  

      Our coaters have an anti-slip layering, too, to help prevent slips and mess.

      Browse through our entire selection now buy custom coasters now!