Birthday Favor Labels


      Transform your birthday party into a celebration of unforgettable memories with personalized birthday favor labels, note cards, place cards from iCustomlabel. All of our birthday products, including tags, labels, stickers, seals, coasters, and cards, are customizable and personalized to fit your birthday celebration perfectly. You can choose from our beautifully crafted dashboard of birthday party favor boxes, party labels, party favor tags in all shapes, sizes and colors. For all the personalized candy, toys, baked goods, and all kinds of party favors, you can make tags to fit all of them. With the help of professional expertise of iCustomlabel designers, there is no better way to put a personalized touch on your special day using custom favor labels. Our collection is full of colorful designs of favors for children and adults alike. These special birthdays call for birthday tags and labels to make the event unforgettable.

      How to design your birthday favor labels

      It is often fun to design birthday favor labels on the occasion of your own birthday or your children’s birthday. You can come up with any shapes of labels from squares, circles, or hearts and put the name or photos of your loved ones on them. If you want to add a few attentive details to these labels, you are always welcome to your favored destination called iCustomlabel. These creative gems will add so much to your birthday celebration while costing surprisingly so little. You'll be surprised at how little you have to spend to create breathtaking details and incorporate these personalized birthday favor labels into your decor repository. These labels are printed with digital precision and high resolution on a strong, synthetic material that is both waterproof and colorfast. Additionally, you can make your party favor stickers as you want them, and put up a special message on them later.