Beauty & Spa Water Bottle Labels


      Custom labels on clean and crisp water bottles add refreshment to any event such as conventions, expos, trade shows, or beauty and spa parties. In view of this, beauty & spa water bottle labels from iCustomlabel can give your brand a much needed exposure because the event is usually attended by hundreds of people. According to your requirements and specifications, we can design striking labels that will the capture eyeballs of the audience for sure. If you are sponsoring a beauty event, we can make sure your logo will travel around the event and end up at the home of the user for additional advertising!  Our labels are made from 100% recycled synthetic material along with graphics for a stunning presentation.

      How to design stunning beauty & spa water bottle labels

      In any beauty event, the decorations and accessories are presented in such a way that match the event in charm and attractiveness. So the water bottle labels also have to follow suit. If you want to design captivating labels for the occasion, with a little bit of creativity you can put attractive details and images depicting the essence of the event. Next this is to personalize these labels according to the theme of the beauty event. If you want to promote your brand through these labels, your logo should be clearly visible in them. You can also feature common beauty products or secrets on these labels to make them even more pertinent for the occasion. Now, print these labels on a paper that is able to last for a long time – just like material used by iCustomlabel facilities. Finally, make sure your guests hydrated in style with these personalized beauty & spa water bottle labels.