How much do realtors spend on closing gifts?

Realtors typically spend between $50 and $300 on closing gifts, with the exact amount often reflecting a percentage of the commission earned from the property sale. A common guideline is to spend around 1-5% of the commission on a closing gift. For example, if a realtor earns a commission of $7,000, they might spend approximately $350 on gifts throughout the year for each client.

The budget can be allocated to a significant closing gift and smaller, thoughtful gifts given throughout the year to maintain client relationships. This approach ensures clients feel appreciated beyond the initial transaction and fosters loyalty and referrals.

High-end realtors, operating in luxury markets, may spend substantially more on lavish gifts to match the market's expectations. Conversely, in more modest markets, realtors might opt for practical and personalized gifts within the $50-$200 range.

Ultimately, the goal of these gifts is to leave a lasting positive impression, strengthen client relationships, and encourage referrals. Balancing thoughtful gifting with consistent follow-up and excellent customer service is key to achieving these objectives.

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