Ways You Can Use Custom Coasters

The primary purpose of coasters is to protect the surface from stains caused by beverage spills. People use coasters also to cover and stop dust and insects from falling into their mug or glass. 

Coasters are available in a variety of designs and styles for your home and office. There are custom coasters too that you can personalize for your unique purpose, for example, as per your home or office’s theme or for your marketing objectives.

Here are some of the ways you can use custom coasters –

Prevent Stains on Your Table or Worktop – 

If you always need coffee or water bottle by your side – even while working, you must use coasters to maintain a neat and clean environment at your desk. And if your friends often visit your workstation with their coffee mug, then you cannot simply avoid coasters.

You can put custom coasters, with a personalized message like Put Your Mug Here, on your work station to encourage your colleagues and visitors to use coasters to place their mugs and cups. This helps keep your work desk clean and saves you from cleaning and wiping.

Market Your Restaurant/Bar –

If you run a restaurant or bar or any food & beverage outlet that serves and delivers beverages, custom coasters can be an effective way to promote your business. 

Apparently, every business spends a hefty amount on branding reach more customers and grow. Custom coasters can be an economical way to do that. You can get your logo, brand name, message, and other brand information custom-printed on coasters and place them on tables in your restaurant or give them with take away orders and deliveries.

Some glasses have a wide base and some have a slim one. One size fits all might not work here. If you serve an array of drinks at your outlet, you can get coasters customized for different drinks and glass/mug sizes.

Promote Your Brand at Events & Trade Fairs –

Trade fairs are like a sea where waves of brands, businesses, suppliers and customers meet. When your potential customers visit your stall at the fair, custom coasters can be used to promote your business and deals and catch their attention.

Just share a glass of water or a cup of coffee with your visitors along with a few custom-printed paper coaster and napkins that they can take with them. They will be able to connect with you later during business hours using the contact information printed on the coasters.

Coasters in Office Conference Room –

Each office has a meeting room where they meet their clients and teams for various purposes. If it is a team meeting, customizable or writeable paper/cardboard coasters can be a great utility here. 

You can pen down instructions and guidelines for the meeting. They also work like a piece of paper to capture information shared during the meeting.

Enhance Your Home/Table Ambiance –

Custom coasters can also be used for adding a visual appeal in your home’s interior design. You can get a coaster customized for your table or as per your interior design theme. There are many coaster manufacturers who do that at nominal pricing.

You can put your or your loved ones’ pictures printed on the coaster. Or you could write a quote on the coaster too. You, in fact, can get the entire custom coaster set prepared for your table. The nouns or pronouns of individuals who would be using the coaster can also be printed on coasters.

Custom design coasters enhance the feel of your table and home interior – both at the same time. Custom coasters also make a great choice for gifting – on special days, festivities, and holiday. 

Protect Surfaces in Your Car –

There are car coasters too that help you keep your car (dashboard and seat) clean and free from stains. People love gulping and sipping down while riding or driving. And that often accounts for spills and eventually stains.

Especially-designed car coasters help you keep your car neat and stain free. They prevent glasses or cups from slipping. In addition, they take the spills and shield the surface inside your car.

From wood and marble to vinyl and paper – coasters are available in a sea of shapes, sizes, and materials, which you can select as per your unique preferences. The spills and stains on wood, marble, and vinyl coasters can be cleaned and washed easily under tap water, while paper coasters are for one-time use only.

So, which purpose are you going to choose coasters for?

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