Pirate Birthday Party

Pirate-Birthday-Party-Designer-Jenni-Kayne-Son Kids love birthday parties, especially when there is a rocking theme all the kids can relate to. If you want to be the coolest parent ever, throw your little boy a pirate birthday party. Start with invitations. There are different invitation ideas that you can use for your pirate themed party. You can use pirate ships, or you can put an invitation in a bottle. You can also design your invitation like a treasure map with great treasures awaiting them when they join the party. The party packages can also include decorations that will turn your venue in a wonderful world of pirates. Once the guests arrive, they can be given bandana and eye patches to make the experience more realistic. Face paintings for kids who want to have their pirate inspired paints on their faces are a hit, too. You can provide the pirate themed costumes or have them prepare their own for a chance to win “the best pirate costume” award. Brownies Eat like real pirates! Pirate cake and pirate cookies are a must! These brownies look like real treasure. Candies shaped like coins or scary lollipops will do the trick as well. Don't forget to add pirate ship and scull toppers. You can create them here. Beside these sweet treats, you can serve mini food to entertain the guests. Pizzas, chicken and cheese sandwiches, or even mini hot dogs are what we have in mind. e8a8d65107cdcf75615567d2586772e0 Don't forget to label the little pirates' drinks! These scary water labels will surely give everyone real goose bumps. If you want to keep it fun, remove the water from the bottles and fill them up with watermelon or cherry juice. It'll look like blood and add a lot to the scary profile of the pirates. Finally, have fun coming up with awesome games and activities. If you have hard time finding the right games, you can always turn to treasure hunt or sword making competition. Rewards could be pirate hats, stickers, temporary tattoos, pop guns or a sack of custom pirate candies. Ahoy mates! Arrr! Credits: Pirate Birthday Party Etsy.com

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