Wedding Succulents

Wedding-Succulents Have you heard of succulents? These water retaining plants are so beautiful and have an amazing texture. They come in different colors like green, pink, dusty blue, mint, and even purple. You can purchase them throughout the entire year and they can live without water for weeks. You can dress them up or down as you wish and they are ideal for both winter and summer weddings. These are probably only some of the reasons why so many brides and grooms decide to incorporate as many wedding succulents into the ceremony as possible. If you have a wedding coming up, succulents may be the perfect addition or theme. Here are some of the amazing ways you can use these wonderful plants for your wedding. succulent-wedding-invitation-in-kraft-pouch-L-XZO5E8 Succulent invitations are great to start your big event with. They are such a charming and delightful introduction to the wedding, and if you choose to have them in green or mint green, they will definitely announce the love that is about to be crowned. What do you think? Sweet, agree? succulent-styled-06 You've got to have succulents in your wedding bouquet. And even your bridesmaids' bouquets. They will go lovely with almost all sorts of flowers, especially bright colored flowers or if you want a simple bouquet, combine them with white roses. Their beauty lies in simplicity and charm, at the same time. Love them! sage_succulent_wedding_water_bottle_label_bumper_sticker-rc57ce1eefa764dedb8c1fa21e3c773c5_v9wht_8byvr_512 What a beautiful succulent wine bottle label and what a great idea of incorporating the plants into beverages, as well. Contact us and our iCustom team will design the best succulent labels just for you to make your special day even more special. back-yard-grand-lake-wedding-039 Finally, the best way to finish off is to use them as party favors. Your guests will love them because they are so easy to take care of plus they look so lovely. You can consider this as a DIY project. Make or purchase cute rustic containers and put a succulent in each. Wrap them up nicely in cellophane or with a rubber, or simply hang name tags on them. If you don't want to stop here, there are plenty of more ideas how to incorporate succulents into the reception. We love the idea of huge succulent centerpieces or succulent cupcakes and toppers. Enjoy planning! Credits: Wedding Succulents Succulent Bouquet Invitations Wedding Favors Succulent Wedding

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