Unique Baby Shower Accessory Ideas

PErsonolized labelsWhether you're planning a baby shower for yourself, or for a friend, you know that the devil is in the details when it comes to decorating. You want the designs to be as unique as possible, and you want your guests to appreciate your creativity. There are several ways to help your creative ability shine when you're decorating for a baby shower. Here are a few unique accessories that you can add to several pieces. Custom Seat Tags When you're planning the games for the event, use custom seat tags to get your guests placed properly. It will be helpful to know their names ahead of time, but if you're not sure whose coming, there's another way to tackle this. Use personalized gift stickers and create funny names for each chair. It could be something silly like "nice people sit here", or "reserved for the best dressed guest." The goal is to use these labels to create a seating area that's inviting and memorable for the guests. Custom Name Tags Nametags can be fun at baby showers. Again, if you're not sure about the names of each person, create a custom design and have a space where each guest can fill in their own name. The custom design should definitely fit with the theme of the event, but it could have a funny quote attached to it. These nametags not only work well as icebreakers, but you may find that people tend to gravitate towards the tags with sayings and quotes that fits their personality. Personalized Baby Bottles 2You want to say thank you to the people that attend the baby shower, and you can do this with customize gift stickers attached to baby bottles. You can put your own special message on them, and this is a great way to show guests that you appreciate them showing up and bringing a gift. You can have them on a table where guests can grab them on the way out, or pass them out during one of the games. Baby showers are fun to decorate and host, and using personalized gift stickers to create unique accessories can help to make the environment exciting. Whether you choose to create the labels on your own, or purchase them, make sure that you check the spelling of all the text for any errors or grammatical mistakes.

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