Throw an Art Birthday Party

birthday-cake-for-art-partyDo you have a little artist in your family? You know the type - they can't put their sketchbook down and they'd rather play with paints then tools. Whether it's a phase or a lifelong love, recognize your little one's passion with an art-tastic birthday party. We've got some great ideas that are sure to paint a most awesome party for your little one!

Serve Up Some Artistic Birthday Goodies

art birthday party food serving idea Artists need their palettes right - well, your little artists are going to need their fuel. Lucky for everyone, it's easy to buy artist palettes at a local art or home repair shop. Fill it with brightly colored and healthy snacks such as bananas, blueberries and strawberries. Now that's something worth painting a portrait of!

Arty Birthday Banner

art-birthday-bannerPaint swab chips are bright, colorful and usually - free! By all means, incorporate them into your party theme! You can string several chips together to make a nifty birthday banner you can use again for your next lil' artist. Love this idea!

Cupcake Topper & Take Home Craft Idea

custom art cupcake toppers What's more fun to do at an art party then to get a bit messy with everyone's favorite...Tie Dye! Get out the newspapers, get out the supplies, find some paint, rubber bands and white shirts - and go to town. Your kids will love this traditional party favorite (hint - dye outdoors if you can). Tie the theme together with some gorgeous tie dye themed cupcake toppers that come custom made with your little artist's name right on 'em. Woot! Photo Credits: Art Birthday Cake Fruit Palette Paint Chip Banner

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