Super Heroes Birthday Party Ideas

superhero_birthdayparty_17_standardNanananananananananana . . . Batmaaaaan, Batmaaan! Do you have a little Batman or Superman in your family who's wishing for a super heroes birthday party? Then you've got to throw them the biggest and the most rocking B day party ever! Your little one has to be able to show all his powers in front of other heroes and simply beat them all. You'll need a few costumes, cartoon wallpapers, and a lot of powerful yummy treats to keep the super heroes moving. invite_standard Oh no! Your little hero's in trouble and he needs all the help he could get from his hero mates to save his birthday! Quick everyone, find a costume and come to the mission possible super heroes party! We think kids will love these invitations. You can get these online or if you're great at designing yourself, come up with something original and send out the invitations to all the super power kids in the neighborhood. superhero_birthdayparty_18_standard Dress up your little Superman with the help of a T-shirt tag and Superman face mask. And don't forget a Superman's telephone booth. Well, that's just something you can assign the men in the family to make from cartoon and red paint. Kids can help too. Stick some wallpaper around the house for children to color and draw their favorite heroes. That should keep them busy. Just watch out for the watercolor pens. Those can get nasty and hard to clean. super_p_standardHere's the truth, there never was and never will be a superhero who doesn't like cupcakes. Right? Oh, these are the essentials! Yum! Mmm! Wow! Boom! Pow! We love these toppers! They are so colorful and we bet they lift up the energy level from low to super high. So what are you waiting for? Design your own cupcake toppers and we'll send them to you faster than any superhero can fly. food-drinkwrap_standard Ate too much cupcakes? No worries, here comes energy water to the rescue! Can you resist these adorable superheroes mini water bottle labels? Kids will love them! You can personalize each bottle with a different character label. That way you'll make the kids feel unique and the mission of saving your kid's birthday will be a blast. If you need more candy ideas for the party, you should definetely check out our offer on Hershey Kiss and hard candy labels. We love the idea of putting different candies in themed labeled jars and sharing them as thank-you gifts with all the kids. Photo credit: Catch My Party

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