"Springtime in Paris" Engagement Party

’Springtime in Paris’ Engagement PartyBonjour everyone! If you love Paris as much as we do, then you're going to adore these chic, yet on the budget, lovely and romantic engagement party ideas. If you've been to the most romantic city in the world (even if you haven't, you can create your own Paris), you can bring back some of those memories and use the spring time to throw an amazing party for your closest ones. Simple things like statues of the Eiffel Tower, French party favors and beverages, beretes for the guests will bring lots of Paris in your home. The colors you want to go for are lavender, black and white. Pictures of Paris, cute little handwritten notes in French and romantic jar candles will all do great, as well. There's no need to spend too much money on tablecloths or plates. As long as you have them in the same theme colors, the setting will be perfect. ’Springtime in Paris’ Engagement Party Custom made cake and cupcakes in theme colors rounded up to form the Eiffel Tower-don't you just love the idea? The cake looks adorable with the black bow around it and the amazing tower topping. And what about the super great engagement ring toppers for cupcakes? If you love them, then you'll certainly love our offer on cupcake toppers. You can play with the design patterns as well, and create something even more romantic or chic. We're thinking heart-shaped locks with a couple's initials imprinted? ’Springtime in Paris’ Engagement Party French wine? Ohh, yes! We've got the perfect Paris themed wine labels that will add a real taste of France to your setting. Pictures of the tower with the big date and your names on the labels-big YES! You can buy original French drinks and then just switch the labels with your own ones. If you need help, contact us or see our instruction video. Alright everyone, bottoms up and let me hear you say: Ooh la la la . . . ’Springtime in Paris’ Engagement Party Finally, can't leave your guests with an empty stomach. Celebrate the big news over yummy French finger food treats like Croque Madames or mini Quiche Lorraines with bacon and parmesean. So easy to make yourself, even easier to order a collection of French-inspired bites. Just make sure there are enough plates and napkins on the table. Bon apetit and congrats to the engaged couples out there! For more Paris themed party ideas, check out our Paris themed wedding post. Photo credit: Hostess with the Mostess

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