Spring Wedding Ideas

3e76c08fde6ca5bc0514cb2d169c0625Aah, that lovely smell of the spring. Perfect time for weddings! Emerald green, berry pink, mint green and guava are some of the trendy colors you can add to your wedding. If you want it all to look simple and natural, but unique at the same time, take a look at the setting of two personalized chairs for the bride and the groom. They fit in beautifully and look vintage. And what about flowers? Picking your own flowers will save you a lot of money. spring-wedding-bouquets-erin-johnson-photography Roses, Lilacs, Daffodil and Tulips are just some of the flowers that you can easily find and use to create an amazing bouquet. The more colors you include, the better. And don't worry about over sizing it. It's your big day and you have the right to it. And can you just imagine the wonderful smell it would have? spring-wedding-ideas-loverly-john-arcara-munaluchi-bride More flowers? Yes, please! Check out these cute cupcake bouquets. Don't you love the idea? There are so easy to do it yourself, but nicely complement the entire wedding setting. And if you need help finding flower cupcake toppers, we at iCustomLabel offer a variety of choices and would be thrilled to help you. engelkemeyer_443$!400x Talking about cute ideas, we just had to show you these personalized wine bottles which your guests can use to leave little notes for you. Just use any of the bottles you can find, remove the labels and create your own using our service. The numbers on them will represent the years of your marriage. Your guests can put their message into any of these they want, and at that exact anniversary year, you get to open the bottle and read the special notes. wedding-drink-station-24 You should definitely go with some light spring drinks. Here's a recipe: Use bottled waterand separate it into different containers. Add different flavor to each container and that's it. Your colorful seasonal tasty drinks are ready. If you prefer fresh over flavored water, check out our offer on awesome custom water labels that you can use. a99938_spr03_loveknotsilo_xlIt's time to share some thank you gifts for your gusts. Want to add a spring touch to them as well? Take a look at these breathtaking love knots that are beautifully wrapped into cellophane with personal gift tags. Creative and chic! We wish you a wonderful spring wedding! Photo credit: The Hidden Garden Bridal Guide Style Me Pretty Wedding Trends MS Weddings

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