So Darn Cute Dino Party

dino party

Check out this Dinosaur party from one of our customers!

We just love seeing what you do with our products.

And this party has everything a dinosaur party should…


Adults need to be able to have fun too!

Here are our wine labels being used, so this wine fits right in and you may just get away with an adult drink at a kids party.

Super cute and classic.


And it cannot be a party without some yummy cookies for the kids, these specialty cookies take a whole new meaning to “hard to not play with your food”.

Even the grown ups want their to be enough left over.

And nothing goes with cookies better then….

1271863_10151894899723033_772093579_o CANDIES!

And these candies and chocolates are wrapped in our very own wrappers.

How great is that!

Almost to cute to unwrap!!

And like every good party it ends with…

Favors for the little guests!


Personally we are curious about what is in these super cute bags!

How about making some for the adults and adding our candles, and some wine labels for their next get together?

Happy Party Planning!!