Saturday Morning Cartoons & Cereal Birthday Party

cartoon cereal birthday What kid doesn't love Saturday morning cartoons, cereal and pajamas? This is a new spin on both the breakfast party - and the sleepover. It's totally adorable, affordable and easy to pull off. Plan it on a Friday night (so you have Sunday to clean up) or just have a non-sleepover party in which your guests head over the morning of. If you can bring out more than one T.V for the party (think: iPads, computer screens, etc - get creative) you'll add to the festivity and fun of a party devoted to everyone's favorite secret past time - relaxing in front of the set with a bowl of delicious cheerios (well, almost everyone's...). If you're anti TV - some of us are - switch out the tv cartoons for cartoon books and newspaper strips! Below are some more ideas to really make your Saturday Morning Cartoons & Cereal Birthday party a winner... cereal birthday bar party ideas Cereal Birthday Party Cereal Bar Oh this is such a cute idea!!! A custom cereal bar with toppings and cereal mixes of every type and kind. Fresh fruit, chocolate chips, whipped cream - even ice cream - are all fantastic cereal bar ideas. Offer a variety of different kinds, and flavors, of both milk and juices. Yum.custom cartoon theme decoration ideas Cereal Party Decorations What goes with cereal and cartoons like cartoon themed decorations? iCustom Label offers a variety of customized cartoon party decorations for girls and boys of all ages.cereal-birthday-cake Cereal Birthday Cake A birthday cake made of cereal? Yup. If you've ever watched one of the popular cake shows, you know cereal is actually a way to build the structure for a very elaborate cake. Why not take that idea a step further and just make a totally adorable cake out of cereal? You could even make mini ones and put little cartoon cupcake toppers on top for a delicious party suprise. Photo Credits: Cereal Invitation Cereal Bar Cereal Cake