Retro 1950's Housewife Themed Bridal Shower

retro-50's-bridal-shower-theme If the gal you're throwing a shower for just loves everything vintage, a retro 1950's style bridal shower might be just the ticket to make her swoon at all of your amazing efforts in her honor. In planning a retro 1950's style bridal shower, the main ideas here are: vintage fabric patterns, bright, friendly colors, and finger foods. Actually, we can't say finger foods enough! Let's take a look at some wonderful ideas to make your vintage-loving bride fall in love with this shower!

Encourage Costumes

retro themed 50's bridal showerNo need to go crazy here - even ovens mitts, red lipstick and an apron will do. When everyone comes in a type of costume, the photos look even better and it helps break the ice (fast). Your vintage-inspired bride will appreciate the way her friends risked looking a little silly just for her!

Make a Mouthwateringly Retro Food Table

food-table-50's-themed-retro-party Serve classics such as coke, cupcakes, milk shakes, burgers, and finger foods! For some delicious and fun 50's finger food ideas, check out this site!

Cute Retro Favors

retro-candy-wraper-custom-vintage-wedding-shower Mini candies used to be all the rage back in the 50's (we think it has something to do with finger food and minnie mouse...). You can buy custom candy wrappers for mini candies that will tie in to your retro themed bridal shower like a charm.

Fun & Games

retro party game 50'sRemember pin the tail on the donkey? How about Pin the Tie on the Hubby? This Etsy seller is making this fabulous kit to really bring some oldschool housewife flare to your 1950's themed shower. Check it out!

Customize Everything

water-bottle-cupcake-custom-label The 50's were a time of customizing everything. Think about the Mickey Mouse Ears that came out during that time - each has a custom name on it. So - go crazy with a few custom things to really make your party pop. We love the custom water bottle label above - and basically all of the adorable party goods our site has to offer! Photo Credits: Desert Table Costumes Food Table