Ready to Take Off??


This shower idea is super cute and ready to take off. What about you? Are airplanes your thing? You could even turn this idea into a boys 1st or 2nd birthday while he "starts the the journey to his life!"

We found this shower over at Kara's Party Ideas, we have been loving their posts!


What do we love most about this party? How about making invites in the vintage air mail envelopes you see here! Or the most adorable cake pops!


How about including your other children to help decorate for this one? May make them at ease with the idea of a party for someone who is not them. How to let them help? Get them to make the paper airplanes that hang from the ceiling! Or take them out with you and let them pick out the vintage toy planes that will be hanging around as well!


This party is also super easy to decorate for... grab some vintage looking stamps and stick away (we recommend you do this and not your other little ones, we like the walls the color they are).

Need one more idea? How about checking out our baby shower section and picking out some labels, tags, and toppers!


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