Ranch Wedding

69e3f28e072c1e8ba1a940d1f7fa802a Destination weddings seem to be more and more popular and many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony in outdoor spaces such as vineyards, farms, resorts, and ranches. A ranch would be a perfect back drop for a wedding ceremony as its beautiful nature scenery is perfect for guest hosting and romantic photo shooting. If you know a ranch nearby that you think could inspire you to add a rustic and vintage feel to your wedding, then you have found yourself a perfect destination. Yey! In the photo above you can see some of the ideas you can easily incorporate into the ranch wedding. Create an entrance with old barn doors decorated with lots of flowers. You can set the main ceremony area anywhere in the beautiful greenery (we're thinking under an old tree). More rustic elements coming up . . . seating-card-display-santa-barbara-wedding Everything and anything made from wood will go great with the wedding theme. The old bread tin filled with scrolls, each containing one of the couple's favorite poem quetos-such an adorable idea! Handmade tablecloths will add a sense of home, love, and belonging. And don't you think those handmade wooden initials are great? So easy to make. It only takes a few designing skills to pull it all up. You can also add vintage vases with colorful ranch flowers as centerpieces or decorate the tables with personalized candles to create a romantic look. santa-barbara-wedding-cake-catering Tam-tam-tam-tam-and the most important part of the entire wedding-the wedding cake! And here's the beauty of the ranch wedding-you don't need anything special but a few flowers to decorate the cake and get the desired ranch look. What a relief! If you still feel there's something missing-try adding a pair of wooden love birds at the top. Nothing says "rustic" more than that. As for the wedding favors, use ranch goodies to make all your guests happy. A jar of honey or homemade jelly will do fine. You can add gift tags or jar labels to make it all a bit more personal. 163vintagewood_wine3.5x5_2 Finally add a vintage look to beverages using rustic iCustom wine and mini wine labels. They will look so natural and just blend in. Cheers! Credit: sbchic.com