Pink Birdies Baby Shower

Little-Pink-Birdies-Dessert-Table Showers are fun! But they can sometimes be exhausting as it can get difficult to make everything special and memorable for the guest of honor (that is mom-to-be). So close friends and family need to find a perfect theme that matches the character of the little one's mommy. If she is as delicate as the loveliest flower in the world and always craves for romance and softness, then this pink birdies baby shower is perfect for her! Every detail needs to be stunning as every detail counts. You're going to need a real palette of soft pinks for that and several bird figures. You can use silky fabric as tablecloth and create a birdie nest by using simple details like wooden frames, bird cages, or paper pennants to hang on the wall. Add some delicate white and pink flowers. You can use jars as holders, just wrap them up nicely in soft cellophane or paper. If you still need that one thing to make it all even more romantic and soft, add a few personalized pink candles. It will create a more pleasant setting. Bird-Themed-Baby-Shower-Goodies Unconvential-Party-Decor Lots of room for sweet goodies here! Check out this lovely range of pink desserts on the dessert table. Cupcakes, cake pops, brownie truffles, raspberry mousse, and custom candies are just some of the goodies you can present at your baby shower. If you need cupcake toppers, candy wrappers, or hanging tags, let us know. We'd love to help you create the best ones! Don't be afraid to add personalized drinks to the shower, as well. Moms and moms-to-be always fall in love with cute bottle labels! They are a great way of expressing love and friendship on the special day. Little birdies, off you go! Photo credit: