Personalized Wedding Thank You Gifts

1555498_330421977095625_1997600759_nA wedding is an important celebration that brings associates and family together to witness the union of a man and woman. Personalized wedding thank you gifts are essential as well as they make the guests feel blessed and special for coming. The giving of wedding favors is a common practice with a long history where people high in society started the culture and slowly it was adopted as a regular practice in weddings. As a suggestion, a homemade favor offers a unique way to appreciate your guests not to mention it is budget friendly. Alternatively, the favors you present to your guests can reflect their personal style for a memorable experience. The most common personalized favors include custom jars with candies, cupcakes, chocolates, custom wine bottles, and custom wine, just to mention a few. Custom wine il_570xN.504303835_mybu Custom bottles of champagne or wine create the perfect solution for couples in search of an unforgettable wedding experience. While offering custom wine bottles seem lavish and expensive, you can stay on budget by creating something unique here at iCustomLabel. Most often, a famous quote, poem, inspiring lyrics, or the couple’ names can be engrossed on the bottle. Couples can also put their engagement photo to make the bottle more personalized. Additionally, adding fancy text will make the experience more pleasant for your guests. You can also include other wine accessories such as bottle stoppers which often come in an assortment of materials to choose from. Other options for custom wine favors are wine openers, picture frames, or stylish wine glasses. Custom cupcakes First Communion_97 Everybody sure loves cupcakes, right? So creating delicious cupcakes as your wedding favor is a simple yet awesome idea. If you cannot stand having cake around you before your big day, there is no need to worry as there are plenty of foodstuffs that you can use to create delicious favors to wow your guests. Cupcakes definitely make excellent thank you gifts and are common because they are easy to make. You can package them elegantly as shown above and add cute cupcake toppers for that extra touch. Custom candles 20008BLLG You can never go wrong with personalized candles. A candle is a ‘must have’ item in all weddings as they light up the mood of the party. Couples today prefer giving their guests personalized candles as they are simple and unique. Another factor that makes custom candles common nowadays is their low price. Therefore if you want custom candles as favors for your big day, why not add that unforgettable personal touch? One easy way to make your candles appealing is to add travel tins and a personalized message. On the other hand, using hang tags like in the photo above. That can also make the experience more memorable. You can add a stylish bow if you like. Other creative ways include adding monogram or dried flowers to the candles or shaping them to different shapes or numbers. You can get candle molds of different sizes at the local store. Custom jars with candies IMG_1243 Personalized custom jars with candies are also excellent wedding favors that your guests will enjoy. A personalized jar filled with candy or chocolate is mouth watering as most people love sugary snacks. Decorate the custom jar with colorful bows and ribbons and add a personalized message on top of the lid. If you want to make everything even more unique, use custom candy labels as wrappers for your favorite chocolates. After all, a wedding is a once in a life time ceremony. So get creative and make it unique! Credits: Cafe Munchkin Seashells Gel Candle Paper Pastime