Party Beverages

grey-goose-martinisAre you planning a party or a big event? Do you need help with picking right drinks? You want the drinks to be custom made and personalized? We're here to help you choose the best among alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and add a personal touch to every single drink. Let's start with some alcoholic drinks that you can make yourself or have it custom made. 101897215.jpg.rendition.largest Fruity white wine is ideal for spring or summer parties. If you want to keep it on budget, just buy several bottles of this light wine with fruit flavors, peel off its label and choose any of our party ideas wine labels and stick them on the bottle. we-2Or how about vodka cocktails? Vodka is the most popular base for cocktails and you can serve it with different flavors. Tomato Bloody Mary or Vodka Martini? There are tons of recipes for you to check out at Make them and pack them yourself using cocktail bottles with personalized labels. 5d54c4947ef84c3f3a8d02ad37e1292dIf you don't want your guests drunk in the first few hours, here's a great low alcohol drink that will keep the party rocking until dawn. All you need is a little tequila, some wine, cranberry or lemon juice and a lot of cut up fruit. Serve it over ice and enjoy! For those not so crazy about alcohol, there are dozens of great non-alcoholic beverages that you can serve. My-Own-Labels-Berry-Lemonade-1 Fruity Homemade Lemonade. Water, sugar and some fresh squeezed fruit juice-as simple as that. To add some decor, serve it in small jars with cute custom jar labels. It will make such a fancy drink! c2ffdf30bcad03debb220f014701c015 Serving mini bottle drinks rocks and that is why we have prepared mini bottle labels for any occasion. Use them to personalize your handmade soda drinks. You can also decide on bottle tags. Just wrap them around the bottle. They will look just as nice. il_570xN.376119883_3evg And finally, make sure there are enough bottles of water on table. You can use custom water bottles or water bottle labels to add a personalized charm to your water bottles. You can also find a list of the finest non-alcoholic drink recipes here. Hope you enjoy your big event. Cheers! Photo credit: Drinking in America Summer Party Drinks West Eleven Fuel the Party Keep cool and Sip on B day Drinks