Nautical Themed Bridal Shower

nautical bridal shower decoration Do you have a bride who loves the beach more than ballrooms? Whether she's planning an oceanfront ceremony or just loves her beach days, a nautical themed bridal shower might just be for her! Let's take a look at some wonderful ideas to put some sun into the bride-to-be's special with these great nautical theme and decoration ideas!

Gold FIsh Snack Bar

goldfish snack for nautical bridal showers This idea is too cute not to share. Did you know they make those delicious goldfish snacks from our childhoods in some decidedly gourmet flavors these days? From parmesan to dark chocolate, the goldfish are a changin'. Set up an adorable little gold fish sampling bar as in the photo. Yummy!

Make Your Own Flavor Water Bar

flavor water bar for ocean themed bridal showers Whether your bar choices will be alcoholic or non, making your own flavor water bar is a fun and easy way to tie together the whole nautical theme for guests. Put out different "flavors" such as lemons, cherries, limes and oranges - you can even experiment with some different soda flavors (if you dare). If you want to get a bit fancy, go ahead and order custom water bottle labels!

Make Your Cupcakes Beach-y

beach-themed-cupcake Who says you've got to go overboard when it comes to a cake? Keep it simple and keep your sanity with these super cute cupcake toppers! These guys make it easy to jazz up cupcakes or cakes within seconds. A must-have for any busy party planner!

Keep it Classy with Nautical Flags

nautical-flag-decoration-bridal-shower If you're looking for a fun and classy way to decorate your beachy shower, consider nautical signal flags. They bring to mind yachts, Martha's Vineyard and weekends on Nantucket. You can make them yourself or buy packages! Cute, chic and a custom touch. Photo Credits: Sand Jar Table Centerpieces Goldfish Snack Idea Flavor Water Bar Idea Nautical Signal Flags