Making good use of wedding personalized stickers

1Once the date for your wedding has been established you can begin the planning, and there is a lot of planning if you want your wedding to be memorable for yourselves and for your guests. Of all the things that must be arranged for your wedding, three things in particular should be established as soon as possible; the date of course, the venue for the wedding and the venue for the reception. Everything else, including the wedding personalized stickers are details that get handled in order. One thing that is nice about a wedding is it is the joining of two people that really counts. Although there are always expenses associated with any wedding, they can be trimmed if the couple set a meaningful budget right at the start and then stick to it. Flowers are required by the bride and her attendants but they do not have to cost a fortune, a perfectly good bouquet and sprays can be had with a little ingenuity. Many cost conscious brides will go to the flower mart the day before the wedding and purchase flowers that can later be arranged at home, it is not difficult and you can save a considerable amount. 2In the run-up to the wedding there is little doubt that there will be a bridal shower or two and a grooms night out. In every case there will be gift giving and receiving and a great deal of fun. Saying thank you at the time is great but getting a small thank you note in the mail a few days later is even more welcome. This note does not have to be fancy, use wedding personalized stickers on a nice plain card with a hand written note of thanks and acknowledgement will endear the bride and groom in the hearts of the people who attended their pre-wedding parties. The same wedding personalized stickers can be used on the wedding day as well. By this time all the guests are well known and the caterer will have developed a seating plan for the reception. Having place cards prepared by the bride in her own handwriting and with the sticker affixed is another one of the small details that often goes unnoticed but adds a great deal to the elegance of the day.