Lego Themed Birthday Party

10626614_763531210373740_5981716186259527681_n Here we go again with the Lego themed birthday party, only this time we had a chance to make specially designed labels for Charlene' son's 5th birthday bash. The party itself was a huge success, especially because of the unique Chakoda Design party rentals which make every party a reality. Carefully selected and designed, these party rentals will help you get rid of all the stress mommies and daddies feel once it comes to party planning. Let your little one's party be a stress-free, beautiful, and unforgettable experience. We were so thrilled to help and be a part of this special event. Now, without any further delay, here are some party highlights our iCustom team is proud of. 10628915_763529193707275_1799020616256593243_o Lego water bottle labels! What a practical way of matching bottle drinks to the theme! Water is great for kids as it keeps them well hydrated and they get to keep their bottle and take them home as a party favor. Our labels are definitely a big hit at all parties, whether you plan an adult or kid's birthday. You just need to let us know the theme you chose for the special event and we'll help you choose or create the best design for your labels, create the labels, and send them to your home address in no time. What a relief, huh? But that's not all . . . 10628070_763529393707255_9102590159025831090_n We love cupcake toppers! And cupcakes! And anything cupcake related! That is why we strive to offer our customers the best toppers on the market. Cupcake toppings and toppers are a great way to add a personal touch to your delightful treats. You can include anything you want into a design (your kid's name, a photo, a personal message, or a funny drawing).They are adored by all, especially kids. We know for sure that Tyler and his buddies enjoyed the Lego yummies while playing and celebrating the big five. Once again, happy birthday and we wish you all the best. Photo credit: Chakoda Design