Lavender Wedding

46a19c008c63ec252cd776e900b89ea3Lavender. What comes to your mind when you hear the word? Romance? A beautiful scent? Strong shades of purple? Or a perfect wedding theme? If you're looking for something simple, natural, yet breathtaking, you may consider choosing lavender as your theme color and the #1 flower in all of your flower arrangements. Just the smell of lavender makes everyone feel peaceful and happy. Right? Check out these lovely ideas how to make an outdoor lavender wedding. 6a19b8dbaff696c4c839e32df9904361 First task: Think of the best place for your wedding. Maybe you can have it on your friend's farm or in your huge backyard? No matter how many people you invite to the wedding, everyone needs to feel comfortable and relaxed. So put out a few simple tables in a row and decorate each table with lavender. The flowers will look great if placed in these lovely custom made mason jars. Lilac-and-Lavender-Wedding-Ideas-Trendy-Tuesday-08Don't be afraid to experiment with the flowers. Besides lavender, you can always add other flowers in soft sweet shades of purple. Lilac and anemones will do great in such combinations. If you need help designing lavender jar labels, just let us know. We'd love to help! lavender-flowers-for-wedding-cakes Yummy lavender cupcakes! These can be either custom made or easily handmade. All you need are the ingredients for creamylicious treats and lavender themed toppers. The more patterns used in design, the better. Find a special place in your setting to make a huge pile of cupcakes and have everyone enjoy both the sight and the cakes. As for your wedding beverages, you can serve bottled drinks and cocktails in the colors of the theme. To personalize your event, design your own fabulous wine or mini wine bottle labels that are so easy to apply and remove. il_fullxfull.316233382 It will take you just a few moments to enter the names or any special message you want to. Choose the best design that fits the occasion and pick a lavender color for it. So simple, but will add so much intimacy to the wedding. One last thing, you've got to prepare guests gifts to remember. Lilac-and-Lavender-Wedding-Ideas-Trendy-Tuesday-14 Lavender handmade soap with a wonderful scent that will bring back the memories after each wash. Dried heather, lavender fragrance and a few drops of essential oils. Once made, just put them in small molds and shape them as you like. After that it will be so easy to pack them nicely into wooden boxes and wrap them up with lavender colored ribbon. And there you have it-a perfect remember gifts for those attending the reception. Credits: Lavender Wedding Essentials Wedding Setting Cupcakes Wine Labels

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