Incredible Colorful Glam Wedding Ideas


Plain white weddings are dull, don’t you agree? Well, the only way to have a memorable wedding is by going colorful all the way. You can decide to find a color theme to blend with everything: from invitation cards, the wedding attire of the groom and bride, and accessories and decorationslike chandeliers. While a cool shade of color works well for a winter wedding setting, vibrant and bright shades are appropriate for summer. On the other hand, pastels complement the spring. Here are incredible colorful glam wedding ideas that will blow your mind away.

Floral arrangement Get brightly colored flowers like (in the photo above) and cut the stems to different lengths and lay them horizontally at the center of the table. To create a bold centerpiece, ensure you spread red flowersevenly on the table as they create an upscale appearance. Dress tables with two elevated candlesticks and arrange the utensils accordingly to match the floral pieces. Keep the flower arrangement loose as shown above to add interest. For the bride and bridesmaids, get a mixture of daring shades like plums or reds colors, cut the stems proportionally and use a bright purple cloth to clamp them together. Bring the table to life by using purple plates and then place a red linen cloth horizontally at the center for a classy look. Lay personalized wedding pamphlets on top of the red linen to add elegance and drama to the table. Place wine glasses next to the plate at the left hand side.

Lighting and entertainment Good lighting and entertainment are essential to liven up your wedding party. You need to find a professional to create amazing lighting effects. Why not try glowing candles or classy chandeliers to add that extra touch to your party? Gobo lights work flawlessly outdoors as they project patterns vividly. You can get a local musician for entertainment but if you find this costly, having a photo booth will do the trick.

Shinny metallic details

vintage-glam-wedding-tablescape You can incorporate shinny metallic utensils to make your table lively. With a variety of choices like bronze and copper, you can never go wrong with shinny utensils. Position the flowers gracefully at the center of the table and ensure each guest has a set of utensils as shown above. You can use white or grey tablecloths to add a distinctive element of class. Position wine glasses on the right hand side of the plates just above the spoon. Place vibrant velvet fabrics at the center of the plate and add customized place cards on top. Remember to accentuate your flowers with glittering candlesticks.

Wedding drinks


A customized bottle of wine with a personal message will definitely amaze your guests. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding and make it unique and memorable. You can offer the guests red wine and ensure you have non-alcoholic drinks as well (personalized water bottles are a great idea!). Place the customized bottle of wine at the center of the table next to the banquet of flowers with the label clearly visible.


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