Housewarming Party Ideas

de0b411549bb6310_modern-girl-baby-shower-ideas-7.jpg.xxxlargeYou survived the stress of moving to a new place and you can finally say that most of the pressure is gone. Now it's time to celebrate and show off. Want to throw a housewarming party but you're afraid because you haven't finished unpacking? That's not a problem at all. We've all been there. No one will care if there are few boxes here and there. Everybody will be curious to see your new home and what it looks like. And a party will be a great way to meet new neighbors and show off your new place to your family and friends. Here are several ideas that will personalize your party and definitely make you feel at home. Invitations Housewarming-HootiesYou can use printed or online invitations to send to your family and friends. Make sure to give clear directions to your home. As for your new neighbors, it would probably be a good idea to ask them personally. That way you can introduce yourself and break the ice before the party. Finger food 1680x1120 Since you'll be having guests walking all around the house, you may want to serve casual finger food. Mini sandwiches or meat skewers, anything that comes in small bites. You can even prepare grilled mini burgers if you like. Just don't go for big meals. After all, most of your dishes aren't even unpacked yet. Home Sweet Home Cupcakes IMG_1323We just love the idea of serving home-sweet-home cupcakes. These cupcake toppers rock! If you want to order similar ones or even create your own, just let us know. Your guests will be all aaah and oooh! Drinks icm_fullxfull.27628431_dj2p6t0rmu0csg8sgso8Unlike your casual food, your drinks should not be casual at all. After all, you will be making a lot of toasts to your new home, so think fancy-wine or champagne. Check out these wine labels that we recently designed for one of our customers. We certainly wowed the guests. Custom bottle labels add such nice touch to any party, and you want yours to amaze everyone. So order yours here! Just one last thing! Show off Yes, it's your time to shine. Give your guests a full tour of the house and tell them about you plans of decorating it. Maybe show them pictures of before and after look of the house. Don't hesitate to brag about your home. And make sure to invite your guests visit once you completely finish unpacking and decorating. Photo credit: Popsugar BellsandBinkies Finger food Housewarming cupcakes