Happy Anniversary

pravo Time flew and it's been a while since you stood there by your friends' side at their wedding. You just realized their anniversary is coming up and want to surprise them with a very special gift they both can enjoy? We've got an awesome idea! icm_fullxfull.31373821_nnofrdv8d34w8wks8sgsPersonalized wine bottles! I'm sure you know your friends' favorite type of wine. That's great because you're going to use it to make such a thoughtful gift for them. Order one or more bottles of the wine and create your own label for them. Personalize it by including a photo of your friends. Don't have a photo? Not a problem! Just create one that includes their names or their big date and share some personal thoughts about their love for one another. Maybe you can remember something from their wedding wows to share? Believe me, they will appreciate it! One last thing! fashionable-50th-anniversary-motif-return-address-labels-golden To really surprise them, have the gift delivered to their home address. To add a nice touch to it, create your own address label at our icustom page and slap it on the box. Don't forget to include the number of years they have spent together. So there you go-a perfect wedding anniversary gift for your friends! Photo credit: Wedding wallpaper Lil' duck duck

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