Hansel & Gretel Birthday Party

rainbow-candy-party-tablescape We're so excited about this Hansel & Gretel themed birthday party! It's a total hit at any kids' birthday bash, especially if you're planning a party for twins. Colorful surrounding and bunch of candies will make this dark story so wonderful and joyful. We just can't stop wowing this gingerbread house backdrop for the candy table. Isn't it breathtaking? We're sure you can find someone to custom build it for this very special sweetness overloaded event. hansel-gretal-gingerbread-house-cake Now, you're probably wondering how to create the perfect matching setting. It's easy. Just go with the rainbow colored tablescape. It's highly important you add as much rustic elements into it as you can. Kids really need to feel as if they found a true candy empire in the forest. Rainbow colored napkins and linens are easy to find and you can find tons of colorful party labels here at iCustomLabel. candy-decorated-backdrop Oh boy, now this is a true candy kingdom! So many different candies, pops, cupcakes, and cookies! Kids will love it! There's so much room here for customizing small details like cupcakes and candies. You can design your own toppers here or choose from what we already have in stock. Labeling can be so fun and we bet you'll enjoy every step of it. hansel-gretal-twins-birthday Hansel and Gretel need to have their own special drinks. Personalize their water bottles with themed labels and surprise your adult guests with matching labels for wine or champagne bottles. Celebrate the story in style and remember that every story ought to have a happy ending. Credits: Hansel & Gretel Twins Party

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