Fun Minecraft Kids Birthday Party Ideas

themed minecraft party CLICK HERE to check out our Minecraft Labels Ah, Minecraft and parties. Are they a match made in heaven? Yeah - we think absolutely. Why - well, for one, minecraft is all about breaking blocks - and aren't parties all about pretty much the same thing? Moms and Dads would agree, anyway. Minecraft is huge right now, and everyone wants their very own, custom themed Minecraft party. At iCustom Label, we stay ahead of the trends to bring you the very best in party innovations. You're going to love the fun Minecraft Party ideas we put together for you - so that you, and your little ones, can play on! minecraft-birthday-partyTo make your custom Minecraft party a winner, think basic, bright geometric shapes that resemble the game. Green and brown are clearly your key colors for this party - keep decorations simple and add a few big, custom touches to really make the event special for your little Minecraft player! Crispy rice treats topped with green frosting and clear boxes filled with green candies are a fun way to serve up a side of Minecraft to your hungry little critters! cake-birthday-minecraft Totally amazing birthday cakes are easy to make when it comes to the Minecraft theme? Why? Blocks are super easy to bake and decorate. Make your Minecraft cake as easy or simple as you, and your skills, can do. You can also just make delicious cupcakes and add a great Minecraft cupcake topper! fun minecraft party ideasIsn't the above photo so cute? By keeping decorations simple and bringing out your creative spirit, you can take simple props and really up the 'wow' factor. We just love what they did in the photo above. If you keep decorations simple - green table cloths, brown balloons - you can splurge on custom Minecraft party decorations that will also double as souvenirs. Check out iCustom Labels' block-tastic, totally customized Minecraft party decorations to really break your party through to the next level! minecraft-birthday-partyJust a few small, custom touches are what it takes to really deliver the birthday party magic all kinds want (and deserve)! minecraft birthday party Photo Credits: Minecraft Desert Table Minecraft Party Ideas Minecraft Themed Birthday Cake Minecraft Theme Food Table Ideas