Fossil Hunter Birthday Bash

Dessert-Table Is your kid obsessed with dinosaurs and fossils? Want to throw him/her a real fossil hunter birthday bash with fossil digging and identifying? Hold your breath because we're bringing you some awesome shots of Gretchen's little guy birthday party. Here's how she managed to create a fossil theme using creative ideas and DIY projects. Just take a look at the candy bar above. She served a Dino chocolate cake, fossilized shark teeth, dinosaur eggs, and rock cupcakes with dinosaur toppers. The combination of dark and white chocolate did its work and the kids could dig in these yummy treats looking for bones and skulls hidden under edible toppings. Dino-Drinks For drinks, Gretchen dressed up chocolate almond milk bottles by adding custom bottle labels and some honey with chocolate sprinkles to coat the rims. She put in dark brown straws with tags to add more effect to her drinks. The drinks looked great and were a huge hit as they complemented the entire setting. Besides chocolate milk, little diggers could use some water after their hard work, so if you're planning a party like this one, surprise them with these dinosaur water bottle labels. And we can't forget birthday activities. To keep everyone occupied, kids were included into fossil identification activity. Gretchen ordered a set of real fossils from Amazon, and placed them around the table so that everyone could take a look at them and try to identify them while filling out their activity sheet. Another activity included dinosaur fossil digging with excavation tools. Favors As for party favors, all kids got their own burlap bag stuffed with fossil treats. These were actually chocolate fossils and rocks made by a simple process of melting the chocolate and pouring it into a silicone fossil tray. If you don't have time to prepare treats, you can stuff the bags with custom dinosaur candies. Finally, all the bags were tagged with 'Thank you' notes. What an adventure! Photo credit: Three Little Monkeys Studio