For your little Love Bug!

 Personalized Birthday Labels

It seems to me that one of the only bugs little girls aren't scared of are ladybugs, so why not turn that into a super cute theme for your little love bug?

Well over at Catch My Party they did just that, and we love them even more for it!

The didn't even have to decorate the whole house, they stuck to the little details all on the main table!

 Personalized Birthday Labels

Of course an easy place to start is to add red with blacks to the simple things, like ribbon on this cake, or a paper plate on the white table cloth. But this cake went a step further and now there a Queen Love Bug at the very top with all her little family members or babies crawling around the sides! TOO CUTE! Almost to cute to eat!

img_5373_standard img_5357_standard

Most of the food featured laby bugs, keep it simple where you can, that way it is harder to make mistakes. The one piece that caught our eye was the cupcake topiary. Yup you read that right, that topiary is eatable .. and is chocolate cupcakes and red frosting! Delish! That is past what we consider simpler, but you must have a friend who loves to bake... right?!

 Personalized Birthday Labels

This is where we come in... see these cute labels? Well add a touch of the garden feel and add our Lady Bug Tags/Labels here instead! I am a fan of the color green so this these labels are more what I love!


Over all this party is amazing! We just love how they turned someones nick name "love bug" into a full theme! And she will look back on it and be totally not embarrassed! Point to the parents who thought this up!

Table Design: Kelli McCarthy (Parties By KLM)

Cake: Cakes By Colleen Craig (

Sugar Cookies: Goldisweets (

Backdrop: Amy Greenwood

Printables (Banner, Food Tags, and Sign): ThumbAlina Lane on (

Fondant toppers on Chocolate Oreos: Your Fantasy Cakes on (

Fondant Cupcake Toppers and mini fondant Ladybugs: Like Butter on (

Have you used our product in a party? Well what are you waiting for? Send us pictures, we want to see! And maybe we will post them as well!!

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