Farmer's Market Wedding


If you're more into farm stands and wildflowers than fancy floral arrangements and champagne, a farmer's market wedding might be the right theme for you. A farmer's market theme is a fresh idea that brings the farm to table movement straight to your guests. Celebrate your love, and your love for nature and the outdoors, with a simple but stunning wedding. Enjoy planning the details so that you wow your guests and give them a day that everyone will always remember! Let's take a look at some ideas. Location, Location, Location!


If you want an outdoors wedding, a farmer's market themed wedding might be for you. Think about how much fun youhave at a farmer's market: you probably sample different foods, enjoy the nature, listen to live music and mingle with other shoppers. Find a beautiful location for your wedding and set it up similar to a farmer's market. Farmer's Market Themed Favorsjelly When you leave a farmer's market, you get to bring some fun stuff home with you. If you're going to do a farmer's market themed wedding, be sure to have some delicious goodies your guests can bring home and enjoy later. Custom jam and jelly jars is a fun idea to tie in the farmer's market theme; you can get custom food jar labels printed that are both affordable and professional looking. Farmer's Market Themed Entertainment

photo credit: jgullo

If you plan to have a kid friendly wedding, it's easy to provide things for your smallest guests to enjoy. A face painting booth, a potato sack race or other outdoor games will be sure to leave the little ones smiling. For the grown-up guests, a live outdoor band will tie your wedding together. You can skip the expense of a formal dance floor and use the grass for your dancing - although, depending upon the band you contract, you may need to provide a covered outdoor area and electrical outlets! Farmer's Market Themed Beer & Wine Tastings!

personalized wine bottle labels

Serve food buffet-style at tables set up to look like farmer's market farm stands. Have wine and beer tastings, ala a farmer's market, and order customized wine and beer labels to personalize the experience for your guests! photo credits: farmer's market, photoskate meadow, Jim Bahn live music, Jgullo