Fabulous 50!

50th birthday banner Your mom's 50th birthday coming up? Yeeey! How exciting! Well, it probably isn't for your mom knowing that she has reached the big 50. And you know how our parents can be, even if they decide on celebrating and plan a party for their birthday, they tend to keep it simple and "silent". Well, we say forget that and surprise your mom with the best rocking birthday party with a simple theme: "Fabulous 50! " Invite all your family and friends, make it a bit more than "simple" but still keep the softness throughout the event. Here's an invitation sample you can use to notify all the guests about the special day. 50th-birthday-invitation Make sure to precisely state when and where the party will be held and don't forget to point out that the party will be a secret until the day of the celebration. Secret parties are hard to plan (we know!). And keeping the party secret for a while could be more than you can chew, as well. But stick to your plan because it'll be all worth it once you see the look on your mom's face once she enters the room and sees the big surprise. We started off with soft pinks, so you should keep everything within similar shades or you can implement similar colors like purple or even contrasting black. Check out this sweet buffet! Decorations-For-A-50th-Birthday-Party-Ideas Oreos, muffins, and cupcakes are just some of the essentials here. You're going to need tons of them if you plan to host a big party. But no problemo, we're sure your local bakery can pull it out and have them ready just in time. Plus you can dress them up using toppers and tags. Add some flowers in the background to make everything look soft and neat. That's it, woala! 303fifty_wine21x30_3 Fifty and still fabulous! You need to show everyone that this celebration is a hit. Customize your drinks with personalized labels or surprise your mom with a fabulous gift-an expensive customized bottle of the finest wine. It'd be a great way of showing your appreciation and love. Good luck! Decorations Pink and Gold