Construction Themed Birthday Party

birthday custom labelsIs your little guy a little would-be builder? Is he captain of the demolition crew in your home? If so, a construction themed birthday party might be just the thing to celebrate his big day. In planning this fun party, draw inspiration from home projects, road work and your local hardware stores! Go ahead: build an incredible birthday with these great ideas!

Construction Themed Food

birthday custom labelsIf you're creating a snack table for your building birthday party, the fun starts here! There are lots of great ways to turn ordinary snacks into delicious construction themed goodies. Put out some oreo cookies and call them "tires". Candy corn in a dish can be called "cones". Oranges = "wrecking balls". Fill one of your little guy's trucks up with pretzel sticks and call them "logs". Another great idea is to set up a sandwich bar for lunch with all of the toppings....then call it the "sandwich building zone"!

Construction Themed Cake

birthday custom labelsEven if you're not the world's best baker, you can still make an awesome theme cake right at home. Turn a simple chocolate cake into an edible "work-site". How? Your secret weapon is crushed oreos! Crush up some oreos and sprinkle on top of your cake - for toppers, use little trucks. Now that's a cake that's ready to be demolished....

Construction Themed Drink Stationconstructionwaterbottles

A simple idea for a drinks station is to call it a "fueling" station. Kids will love stopping off to "refuel". Keep the station filled with juice, punch and water bottles. To add some extra punch to the station, order custom water bottle labels to really bring home the construction birthday theme! Construction Theme Location birthday custom labels An empty garage, a backyard or even your local hardware store (some stores also have party spaces, believe it or not) are all perfect locations for this demolition-themed party. The key idea here is to keep the little ones away from anything you don't want broken!

Cheers! Photo Credits: Construction Collage, Treasures & Tiaras Construction Food, Not Just a Mommy Construction Birthday Cake, KT Designs Construction Birthday Garage, Rollingsin