Classic Wedding Theme Ideas

CherryRick220 What are the ingredients of every traditional wedding? A bride in white, a groom in a tux, and a formal dinner, right? If you're in doubt which wedding theme to choose, you can always go back to classics. You can never go wrong with it because classic weddings are timeless. So if you're into something that will never go out of season, want to have something old, new, and borrowed, try out some of these classic wedding theme ideas. Have a wedding planner to help you out with the big and small details like setting up a venue. The setting should not scream for attention, but rather speak about how romantic and intimate the event is. Contrasting duos like black and white or black and yellow are ideal for classic weddings. But don't be afraid to incorporate any colors you like. After all, this is your special day! To make the party really stand out, pay attention to centerpieces and decorations. Tall, thin, transparent vases with flowers of your choice will create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. Just don't get too carried away and always keep it sophisticated. CherryRick159 It's the little things that count. While waiting for the meal to be served or waiting for you and the groom to arrive, your guests can get a bit hungry. A small dessert or candy bar is a quick solution to let your guests know that you're care for them, but also not getting them bloated before dinner starts. To add a personalized touch to your bar, you can display custom labeled candies into glass containers or sterling silver trays. Such candies will be a real winner with your guests! You can also put out some decorative pieces that go together with your snack bar. Quirky and humorous DIY labels and notes are a nice touch, as well. il_570xN.515708408_pcsb Toast to you and your loved one! Personalized wine and champagne bottles will catch your guests' attention and keep it hooked. Labels with a personal note and a picture of the bride and the groom doing wacky poses or sharing a romantic moment are simply unique and just too adorable beyond words. You can mark the beginning of your life journey together with cute wedding beer labels. That way everyone will have a drink of their own in front of them. If kids are brought to the event, try to make them feel as special as grown-ups. 531630_140739189397239_1898043821_n Personalized water bottle labels will make the youngest so happy! Wedding is truly time to share joy and happiness with everyone. And the happiness is always in the little symbolic things. Credit: We Do Weddings

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