Christmas Cookie Exchange...


The season is here, and the days to the big day are getting closer. If you wanted to mix up your normal christmas cookie choices then host a cookie exchange! There is almost no prep work to a cookie exchange as the guests bring the main event, the COOKIES!!

Thanks to Glorious Treats for this party!


The point of a christmas cookie exchange is to have each guest bring a couple dozen of their favourite kind of cookie. Try to make it different kinds of cookies! And then everyone meet sup and you talk to friends, mingle, and swap cookies. This allows each person to head home with a variety of cookies to eat!


How about setting up a Hot Chocolate Bar? Basic hot chocolate but with a choice of marshmallows, carmel, chocolate chips, and candy cane to put in it! Everyone will love making there favourite mix!


When you are letting people know that they should be different kinds of cookies. They do not have to be basic cookies any way...


How about cookies on a stick?


There is no decor to this party either, just some red and green plates and table clothes. The cookies are enough decor! The labels in the photos can be replaced with our Christmas Collection!

This party also had a cookie design bar, the kids got to decorate gingerbread men as there parents snacked!

So many cute ways you could do this party, and the more people the more kinds of cookies!!

Have fun!

Let us know if you make some cookies! Send us photos!

Party details -

Party Host, concept, set-up and many of the delicious treats – Auntie Bea’s Bakery Photography, set-up help, props and Hot Cocoa Cookies – Glorious Treats (me) Printables – Swish Printables

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