Celebrate with cupcakes!

Hosting a party to celebrate a special event? Great! Almost every party is centered on a small or huge candy and cupcake bar (or at least it should be)! Yummy! Whether you’re hosting a cupcake themed party or just want cupcakes that your guests will love, all you need to do is some magic. But let’s start by gathering all the essentials first. For a wow-cupcake effect, you’ll need:

1. Cupcakes! There are hundreds of recipes out there for you to test. Even simple vanilla or chocolate cupcake recipes will do great.

2. A stand/bar/buffet! It really doesn’t matter as long as you have a place for all the cupcakes. You can decorate the entire setting using colorful banners, some matching ribbons, and sparkling favors.

3. Frosting. Again the choice is all yours. Choose frostings that you like and know your friends and family adore too.

4. Toppings and toppers! Now this is the magic we’re talking about. It’s all about the looks. Your cupcakes need to scream for attention and literally draw your guests to eat them. Sprinkles, nuts, fruits or chips are just some that come as great toppings. As for cupcake toppers, there’s a real magic world of choices here at iCustomlabel.

Okay, now you need some ideas, right? Well, it all depends on a party type. But here are some that might help you get on the right track and celebrate with cupcakes in style!

Kid’s birthday


If your special event is your little one’s birthday, then you will love this idea of serving cupcakes in personalized jars. This one was created for a 2-year-old princess Emily. Cupcakes were made according to a simple recipe and then decorated nicely and sparkly. You can design your own jar labels here and order as much as you need. To wrap it all up, attach fun cupcake toppers to the jars and make cute bows using color matching ribbons. Real treats!

Wedding, engagement, or anniversary party


At love-honoring parties people expect to feel some of that love. That is why you need to share your thoughts and feelings with your guests. Perhaps even recall your wedding vows? You can do that all if you use personalized toppers for your cupcakes. Match the design, colors, and font to your party theme. You can display them around the tables or create a huge romantic pile shaped like a wedding cake.

Baby showers


Need fun and loving baby shower cupcake toppers? No problem! Check out this cute It’s a girl- cupcake topper above. And a baby’s little foot is precious! We’ve got a bunch of similar and different cupcake toppers you can choose from. Your ladies will love them (guys too if you’re planning a co-ed shower)!

Hope you like these ideas and if you have any of your own, we’d love to hear from you. Happy cupcake-making-and-decorating!



Cupcake wallpaper

Cupcake in a jar

Wedding cupcakes