Canning Party Tips

Host-a-Canning-Party-819x1024If you're a fan of fresh food and homemade produce, then you're already aware that pretty soon enough you'll be as busy as a bee making delicious preserves and canning your goodies for the upcoming winter season. Why not celebrate the season's harvest by throwing a party for friends, family, neighbors or co-workers? Sharing labor, tips, and recipes could definitely be helpful, plus you could have a blast doing it. If you've thrown a canning party before, you're probably familiar with all the DOs you need to take care of. However, if you're new to this, you'll need some guidelines. We're bringing you three basic canning party tips that will certainly keep you on the right track. #1 Get started right away! Decide when and where you want the party to take place. Mark your calendar and send out invitations to your friends and family. You can email everyone or you can make your own invitations, but be sure to send them at least two to three weeks ahead. If you're a newbie, you should invite someone who has a lot of experience with canning and preserving food. Or you can do your own homework and research. There are plenty of online courses, guides, and tips to help you out. If you're planning to invite people over to your place, clear out your kitchen! You need to make a lot of space and make several smaller stations. Plan tasks and recipes for each station and assign at least two people to each one. Ask your guests to help you with the recipes or even to bring some food supplies. After all, everyone will be working together and all the goodies will be shared equally. Oh, and do plan some snacks for your guests. Prepare meat and cheese sandwiches, and incorporate some fruity beverages. #2 Gather your tools! There are some basic tools you need to gather before the party. These include jars, lids and rings, large cooking pots (for hot water bath processing), ladles, spoons, knives, jar grabbers, and some cloth towels. If it's easier for you, make a list of all the tools and supplies you're going to need. Don't worry if you don't possess all the items, you can purchase these canning gadgets at almost every store. # 3 Label your goodies! 188plaidstrawberry_circle2.5x2.5_1_8e17b1f64f4f0417dc48063850d5fd50 Label your food jars with contents and canning date. You can find tons of personalized decorative labels here. Just make sure to pre-order them so they arrive in time for the party. You can store the jars for yourself or you can label them and send them out as gifts. What a wonderful way to honor and remember your party! Photo credit: Random Recycling

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