Bridal Shower Gift

01 It's wedding season and you're probably invited to a wedding or two of your close friends or family. That means you need to bring a gift to their bridal shower or wedding ceremony. Coming up with the perfect bridal shower gift can be time-consuming and really exhausting. But not anymore! Watch out 'cause we've got the best bridal/wedding present that your newlyweds will simply adore- a wine basket with poems! image_6image_5 You're going to need several bottles of the nicest wine (or the newlyweds' favorites). Once you have the bottles in your hands, peel off their labels, clean the bottles and let the surface dry. The next thing-find poems! You need to find several poems that relate to their new life, e.g. first fight, new house, first Christmas, first baby, etc. (you can get several ideas here!) Once you find the poems, you can either print them out yourself or use gift tags. Design your own wine bottle labels here at iCustomLabel and apply them onto the bottles. Finally, attach gift cards to them. Voila! Now all you need to do is put the bottles into a nice basket or wooden box. final You're going to need some colored ribbons, dried flowers, branches, raffia, and sparkled scrapbook paper or cellophane to wrap it all up nicely. Use your own decorative ideas and colors that match the bridal shower/wedding theme. You can attach a final note to it in the end, as well. I think you'll agree this is one of the coolest eyes-popping gifts ever! Credits: Pre-wedding fun Bridal shower basket