Breezy Beach Wedding

dd6cdbef0e798f47d869688991ef7b06 Are you dreaming of a breezy beach wedding your entire life? Have you found the perfect location and set the date? Are you giving your heart and soul into details to make it all a dream come true? Need some help? We've got you covered! Hopefully, you will find the ideas in this post useful and be able to add them to your big day in style. Now that you know when and where, you need to decide which colors you'll use. We suggest pink and turquoise. A little bit of girly pinkish elements and a little bit of guys' subtle bluish. It's a win-win. Now you may want to have a classical romantic ceremony on the beach, but you should definitely consider a modern look for the partying afterwards. Check this out. 964d5ea4a5ce875c631790436f501fcf This is style, girl! Modern seating, modern tablecloths, modern tables and the most adorable thing-custom chevron pillows! Wow! The linens and floral arrangements are the key elements to modern atmosphere. Yes, it'll probably take you hours and hours of online searching for the little details but it'll be worth it! It's your fairytale so involve everyone willing to help. 8d2bd01ae006289b4c6ab26a107b2edf Here's something that will rock the wedding-pops of pink and tranquil turquoises that will bring the breezy beach feel into the reception. They are so pretty and we bet yummy! Keep all your desserts stylish and theme matching. You can add modern toppers to cupcakes, cute wrappers for candies, or pink and turquoises bottle labels. Take a look at this label that would add a nice touch to the entire floral display. 177pinkflowers_wine3.5x5_3 You can order them in the matching colors and make your own design to go with the wedding style. They are easy to apply and will stick through the entire event. You can also add some beach details and perhaps a photo of you and your beloved one. That will keep everything modern but yet add a personal touch so that your guests could feel all the love in the air. Good luck planning! Credit: Wedding Chicks

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