Beach Wedding Essentials

e901cd98d1f77db6c519e9029319f444 Beach weddings are so romantic and they never go old-fashioned. If you're planning to crown your love in the most romantic and sweetest atmosphere, there are some beach wedding essentials that will make the planning and ceremony a lot easier and complete. Here are five essentials that any beach wedding should include: #1 Seashells summer-wedding-ideas-seashell-bouquet Whether you incorporate them into your wedding bouquet, spread them around the aisle or simply have one beautifully attached into your hair, seashells are number one essentials at beach weddings. You can find them in strong or delicate colors, depending on which theme colors you choose. You can also find them in different sizes and shapes, and there are tons of ideas out there for DIY wedding projects. Just be creative and listen to your heart's desires. #2 Custom drinks il_570xN.507642215_b88u Every special occasion requires special and personalized drinks. You can personalize both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by labeling all or some bottles and glassware. Isn't this wine bottle label above just adorable? You can come up with your own design and include photos and personal thoughts into the labels. Your guests will be wowed. #3 Wrappers and toppers il_570xN.638962244_g6ye Amaze all of the guests with these cute beach candy wrappers and dress up your cupcakes with beach toppers. It's such a sweet way to enjoy your favorite chocolates and treats while keeping up with the wedding theme. You can also use them as party favors and send the crowd home with a sack of goodies. #4 Message in a bottle summer-wedding-ideas-message-in-a-bottle-in-his-image-film-and-video There are so many ways you can use message bottles for your ceremony. They can serve as table centerpieces, wish bottles for guests, or as a part of a special event for the groom and the bride as they write their love story, seal it into a bottle and throw it deep into the ocean. To modernize your bottles, add a personal touch like a photo label. Pretty cute, ha? #5 Wedding cake summer-wedding-ideas-cake-cindy-patrick-photography And finally, the most desired moment-the wedding cake! Dress it up with edible shells and water creatures, or anything beach-related. Talk to your caterer or whoever is in charge of the cake and see what your options are. As the cake will be the highlight of the wedding, you really want to make it as special as you deserve it to be. Happy beach wedding planning gals! Credits: Beach Wedding Ideas Stylemepretty