Baby Bear 1st Birthday Party

bear-themed-birthday-party-6 Is your little boy already one? Wow, the time really flies by! Congrats to the little champion and to you happy parents! Organizing the first birthday party is a huge bite and surely you want every little detail well planned. Well, you first need to find a good theme and we just have one in mind. How about a baby bear 1st birthday party? You can throw an amazing birthday bash for all your guests-big and little bears. Just take a look at the stunning cake in the photo above. Awww! Find a cake and cupcake toppers here and decorate those goodies some more! Little bears also love honey, milk, and homemade cookies. If you bring in some rustic elements into the bash, as well, you'll have the biggest bear hugging event ever! bear-themed-birthday-party-8 Thirsty? Beers are for the big bears, and bottled water for the little ones. To personalize this special event, we thought you might need some bottle labels. Perhaps with a picture or a cute drawing of a bear? Maybe even with a personal message included? The options are all yours. And as for the menu, you're going to need lots of bear food like honey sauce sandwiches and bear claw coleslaw with corn. Doesn't it make you hungry already?! bear-themed-birthday-party-7 Yes, we thought of everything! To share some more joy with your friends and family, don't let them go home empty handed. Make the kids happy by sharing these cute little teddy bears with them. You can wrap them up and put into gift bags, or you can simply attach funny gift tags to them. As for the big bears, a little jar of sweet honey will do fine. For more ideas on custom jar labels, go here. Happy birthday little one. We all love you beary much! Photo credit: Bear Themed Birthday

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