30th Birthday Barbecue Party

30th-birthday-barbecue Summer, birthday, and barbecue-what more is there to be said?! Sunny days make everyone crying out for barbecue in the backyard. Chilling and enjoying some juicy seasoned goodies is the best way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Thirties are the new twenties, right? They need to be equally celebrated. So call up your friends and have them over for the best rocking 30th birthday barbecue party ever. There's no need to think too much about the venue. A few vintage items on a huge lunch table will set the theme for you. Use an old vase with yellow flowers as a centerpiece and have plenty of polka dotted paper sacks and napkins. Simple, yet adorable! rustic-bbq-party-mason-jar Mason jars are such a big hit, it's no wonder people serve drinks, candies, and other favors in them. They can also be used as candle jars to create more romantic atmosphere. Take a look at the one above with a cute "Come and get it" note. Can you guess what's in it? Sweet tea! And don't you just love these wooden stirrers? If you need labels for different types of drinks, sauce or dressings to make it all easier for the guests, you can find lots of them here. Here are some more ideas how to personalize food and drinks. backyard-barbecue-buffet 'Let's eat some barbecue' and 'Come and get it' water bottle labels! What do you think? Aren't they just to die for? Sweet and so practical you can even take them home and use afterwards. backyard-barbecue-buffet Oh just look at the glory of this barbecue buffet-yumm! What better way to end a party than to enjoy sweets and cupcakes. Dress up your cupcakes with 30th birthday toppers and match them to your theme. You can also have sacks of custom candies for your guests to take home. Oh, and if you're only attending the party as a guest, check out this amazing 30th birthday party gift that will surely make the birthday guy/gal happy! Credits: HWTM

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