3 Features to Add to Personalized Birthday Labels

Personalized labels Whether you're giving the gift to an adult or child, personalized birthday labels can make receiving a present fun and exciting. You can add pretty much any message that you choose, and they're available in several different sizes. While you may be tempted to add a traditional greeting to your custom labels, there are some unique ways to spice up the design. Pictures and Other Graphics Your personalized birthday labels can have all sorts of pictures and graphics to make it interesting. You can add a picture of the individual receiving the gift, or one of yourself. If you don't have any interesting personal images to add, you can always find some fun graphics to play around with. Use these in any way that you choose to give your labels meaning and uniqueness. Special Scripts Custom labels Using decorative fonts on your labels can definitely go a long way in customizing them. There are scripts that are more formal, and others that have a more playful feel to them. Try to think about the person that you plan to give the gift to. Keep their personalities in mind when you choose a script. Also, be sure that the text fits in the label when you add your message. If you don’t check this before ordering, you could be in for an unhappy surprise. Special Message A personalized birthday label wouldn’t be personal without a custom message. Add a heartfelt message or funny quote that represents your relationship with that person. It could be a quote of something that you always say to them, or a special thought that the both of you share. This is the most important aspect of customized birthday labels, and the part that the recipient will remember the most. It's almost like creating a special Hallmark card just for them. It doesn’t take a lot of work to create a memorable, personal label for your friends and loved ones. By taking the time to do so, you show them that you care, and that you've got some design skills to show off. The more you play around with the possibilities, the more ideas you will come up with for other features to include. Customization, for the most part, is all about your imagination. Use these tips to start, and build an army of ideas to follow through with.