Canning Labels


      Homemade Labels for Jars

      To create homemade labels for jars, design your labels using software like Canva or Word, ensuring they fit your jars and include necessary details. Print the labels on waterproof paper using high-quality settings and cut them out if needed. Clean and dry the jars before applying the labels, smoothing out any bubbles. For added durability, use clear tape or a waterproof sealant. Alternatively, you can order custom, waterproof labels with adhesive backing from iCustomLabel for a professional and convenient solution.

      Our canning jar labels measure 2.5 inches round and fit almost any jar size, big or small! They are designed to fit lids or jar fronts without ridges. They are printed on high quality water resistant paper to endure any kitchen mess and wash easily. We have dozens of choices, and we also take custom orders if you need something made from scratch by one of our designers, or use our create your own design tool to make your own.

      These versatile and well-made custom labels for jars create a beautiful look and appeal to any canned item. For great gifts, branding, or no reason at all, a homemade jar of something delicious is sure to please everyone! Add that personal touch with one of our canning label choices. Choose from jams, pickled items, marmalades, cookie mixes, generic homemade labels, and more.

      Don’t see a mason jar sticker for your favorite recipe? You can customize any label on our site to fit your needs! Say there is a jam label you really love, but you need it to say a different flavor, no problem! Use our canning label template to assist in getting your design just right! 

      What makes our custom canning labels stand out from others?

      Our canning label designers create awesome labels that provide a complete transformative look to your containers kept in your kitchen. In terms of quality and affordability, iCustomlabel is the best bet you can bank upon. At iCustomlabel, prices are not just cost-effective; they are a valuable addition to your money. Even from the perspective of quality, you can simply avail our labels in throw-away prices. Apart from being very handy, these custom canning labels will also suit the surroundings of your kitchen area. The most important part is our designers take your specification and meet your needs in minimal time possible.

      How to create your own canning labels?

      You can easily create and customize your canning labels with your own chosen texts, images and photos. At iCustomlabel, we have unlimited options to fulfill your needs. With hundreds of distinctive designs to choose from, no one can stop you from finding the perfect one for any specific occasion. We at iCustomlabel will go to any length to help you bring out your creative skills and design perfect labels for your cans and containers. You can simply select from our pre-made templates, give a personalized touch to them, and print them as per your required sizes. It’s easy to get started, and even easier to finish the customization process.