Wedding Welcome Signs

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      Welcome to our enchanting collection of wedding signage, where we specialize in creating beautiful, custom-designed Acrylic and Wood Wedding Signs. Our range includes a variety of styles from elegant and modern to rustic and vintage, ensuring that every couple finds the perfect match for their special day. Our Acrylic Wedding Signs are sleek and sophisticated, offering a touch of contemporary elegance. Meanwhile, our Wood Wedding Signs bring a warm, natural feel, ideal for outdoor or barn weddings. We also feature a stunning array of 'Welcome to Our Wedding' signs, designed to greet your guests with a personal and heartfelt message. Each sign is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring they not only guide your guests but also add an aesthetic charm to your wedding decor. Explore our collection and find the perfect sign to make your wedding day truly memorable.

      How big should a wedding welcome sign be?

      A wedding welcome sign should be large enough to be easily visible and legible for guests as they arrive at the venue. Typically, the size can range from 18x24 inches to 24x36 inches, depending on the visibility and the amount of information you want to include.

      • 18x24 inches: Suitable for smaller venues or intimate gatherings.
      • 24x36 inches: Ideal for larger venues or outdoor settings where you want to ensure the sign stands out.

      Choose a size that complements your venue and decor while ensuring guests can easily read it from a distance.

      Some people may wonder if you need a wedding welcome sign?

      The answer is ABSOLUTELY! You want to welcome your guests to your wedding venue with style and a personal touch. Don’t let your guests feel left out or confused even for a split second. Make your wedding a day to remember by choosing a custom wedding welcome sign with a picture template from iCustomLabel. 

      iCustomLabel makes it especially easy with a flurry of elegant wedding signswedding table signwedding seating charts that come in diverse shapes, sizes and paper types. From rustic and country, to floral and minimal, you can take your pick from among hundreds of custom wedding welcome sign templates at iCustomLabel. Choose a design that suits your wedding theme and flatters the guests or you can design your own.

      What are the wedding sign ideas you need to consider before your wedding day?

      Here are a few important signs you must have at your wedding.

      •      The grand welcome sign – whether it is a sophisticated sign in white, pink and blue with floral trims, or a rustic wedding welcome sign chalkboard template, you will it all at iCustomLabel.
      •     Seating charts – be the perfect guest. Guide your guests to their correct seats during the wedding and the reception.
      •    Guestbook guide – make it a point to remind your guests to sign the guestbook with a funny and attractive sign from iCustomLabel.
      •     Gift section – keep your gifts and cards out of the way. Designate an area for the gifts with a clear and noticeable signage from iCustomLabel.

      How big should a wedding welcome sign be?

      The most popular size is 24" x 36" and 18" x 24"

      Why choose iCustomLabel for your wedding sign?

       iCustomLabel is a one-stop-shop for all wedding signs, including wedding welcome signs and seating charts. Make your special day perfect with the widest selection of personalized wedding welcome signs that guide your guests as well as contribute to the wedding décor.

      Do you want to know how to make your own wedding signage?

      Get in touch with iCustomLabel, and we will help you to have unique and creative welcome wedding signs for your special day. We listen to you carefully and customize the design to make a genuinely personalized welcome wedding sign for the special day of your life. You will have the right solution, whether you want to have a unique welcome sign or wedding seating chart. iCustomLabel is always ready to work with you to make an exclusive Wedding sign for your marriage day ceremony. 

      In addition to ceremony signs and welcome signs for weddings, we offer custom design solutions for the ceremony and reception décor and wood wedding table signs at reasonable pricing. Connect with us for more info!