Woof, Woof, Birthday Time!

e77e798fc20f2b954149eff772b1fbfcWe just love our pets! And we tend to celebrate that very special day when they were born or brought into our lives. Dog birthday parties are becoming extremely popular. If your dog's birthday is coming up, use some of the following ideas to make a great woof-woof party. Invite your guests be73c2031f9217b9f2a7dbd51c4bc48fThe more the merrier! Invite your human friends and their dogs to share the joy. Just make sure your dog guests are friendly with other dogs and strangers. You don't want any hissing on the big day. And here's a super idea, ask your friends to dress up like their pets. It would be so much fun and the owners can track their dogs at any time. Yummy Treats IMG_13691 What a sight! Now which ones are for the humans again? Make sure to put clear signs or separated stands for human and dog cupcakes. And be careful with your dog's treats. You don't want to mess up with their sensitive digestive tract. Sick dogs are no fun. So order your dog treats from a pet food bakery. If there's none near, bake them yourself. Use wheat flour, peanut butter and some doggy biscuits. To add more fun to it, order some doggy cupcake toppers. You can use different ones for each one of your stands. Tic Tac Toe IMG_0391 We all know the good old Tic Tac Toe game. Well, how about real theme party game where, instead of using X's and O's, you will be using Bones and Paws. They are so easy to make out of ribbon and canvas and perfectly fit into your pet's party. Thank You Gifts Dog-Treat-Jar-1 Finally, don't forget to give your friends a thank you gift. Who wouldn't fall in love with these cute little custom labeled jars of yummy treats? A lot of tail waving and happy woofs, woofs guaranteed! Photo credit: Party Idea Etsy Dress Up Cupcake Design Party Game Uptown Creations

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