Wine Wrapping Tips

10411196_10202574744596168_4853516939662311160_n CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR BRIDESMAID WINE LABELS Hey there wine lovers! Since we love our wine bottle labels, we decided to dedicate this post to all of you who want to share a bottle of wine as a gift but just can't handle the wrapping process. Bottle wrapping in general can be stressful and very few are perfectly skillful at it. But we're going to give you three wine wrapping tips on how to dress up your wine into a fine gift. But first, you need to dress up the bottle itself. Every bottle of wine comes with a label. All you need to do is to remove it, clean and dry the surface and apply one of the amazing labels we have in offer for every and any occasion. Whether you want to ask your bridesmaids/groomsmen, pop the big question, congratulate a birthday or just cheer up someone close to you, we've got you covered. Now that you have the label on, you need to wrap the bottle nicely. Here's a step by step guide on how to dress it up. Step 1 Find materials. You'll need around half a yard of nice wrapping paper (you can use fabric instead if you're wishing to create more rustic effect), scissors, and twine or ribbon. These are the essential materials, but you can easily use anything that comes to your mind that fits the present. Perhaps some decorating leaves or a gift tag? Be creative! Step 2 Wine-Bottle-Gift-Wrap-1 Lay the paper face down. Your paper should extend two inches beyond bottom and at least one inch beyond top. Now fold paper edges in to get neat outer seams. Lift the opposite corners of the paper first and bring them together and then pull everything taught around the bottle. If you find this hard and messy, you can simply toll the bottle and secure it with double-sided tape beneath the seam. Step 3 Gift-Wrap-Tutorial-Final Finish the wrapping with the twine or ribbon and tie it around the bottom of the neck of the bottle, adding desired details (tags, flowers, or leaves). And there you have it-the perfect wine gift! Now that you know how to wrap wine bottles, it's time you put a smile on someone's face and surprise them with a fine bottle of this goodie. Cheers! Photo credit: HWTM

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